Monday, August 21, 2017

An Honorable Solar Eclipse Time Capsule

"Eclipse chromatique no. 1" (1973) by Martha Botho
The next solar eclipse in this part of the world will be on April 8, 2024.  That's almost seven years from now.  Where will you be then?

Wherever you are, you may remember the today's solar eclipse. If you do, you can come back to for a glimpse of the person you are now and get a measure of the distances you've traveled during that time.

In the comment section below, ECU Honors students are invited to write about any and all of the following:
a) your current hopes/dreams/goals with regard to where you will be and what you will be doing on April 8, 2014;
b) an account of the things in the world today that trouble you and the things that inspire you;
c) any aspect of your life in which you would like to experience greater development and growth.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

2017 Honors Kickoff

Survival Books

White Paper Q & A with the HSA Officers

Never Have I Ever Seen Such Honorable Chaos

An Honorable Tradition: Playing Chicken

Speed Friending

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Destination: Massachusetts

From left to right: Madison Camp (Accounting), Lyndsie Beesley (English), Dylan West (Business Administration),  Sidney Lewis (English), Allyson Gregory (English), Talor Stewart (Biology).

Thursday, March 9th, six ECU Honorables joined me at 2 a.m. to embark on a five-day, four-night adventure in Massachusetts.  For all these Honorables, it was a first-time visit to New England, though three (Madison, Sidney, and Talor) also joined me on an Honors Trip to New York City in 2015. When we got back, I asked everyone three questions:  What was your favorite experience on the trip? What was your favorite food? And did you experience any memorable firsts?  Here are their answers:

Madison: The Old Manse (especially the piano playing); Lyndsie: Concord to Lexington trek; Dylan: The Freedom Trail; Sidney: Walden Pond; Ally: Walden Pond and the Old Manse; Talor: The MIT Museum (especially the holograph section).

Madison: goat cheese and baby spinach panini at Helen's cafe in Concord; Lyndsie: clam chowder and ribeye hash at Sonsie in Boston and salmon salad at Border Cafe in Cambridge ; Dylan: Cubano sandwich at Sonsie's in Boston and pepperoni pizza at Sorrento's in Concord; Sidney: panini at Helen's Cafe in Concord; Ally:  cheese ravioli at Via Lago in Lexington; Talor: cheese pizza at Sorrento's in Concord.; 

Madison: UberPool, clam chowder, hotel room with full kitchen, and coldest walk; Lyndsie: geocache search and hotel room with a dishwasher; Dylan: clam chowder and coldest walk; Sidney: Uber ride, clam chowder, coldest walk, geocache drop-off; Ally:  cross-country trek (Concord to Lexington); Talor: shrimp.

Lyndsie at a replica of Thoreau's desk (in the same room with the real thing) at the Concord Museum.

Starting our walk through Minute Man Park between Concord and Lexington, where Colonial rebels attacked a retreating British Army on April 19, 1775. We ended up walking all the way to Lexington. Before our trip, several of us read Bunker Hill by Nathaniel Philbrick, which offers a blow-by-blow account of the battle.

Paul Revere was captured not far from this spot. According to my cell phone, we walked 9.24 miles on the first day of our trip!

Click the link below to see more pictures from our Honorable adventure.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

2017 Ramadan Research Symposium

If you attended this year's Ramadan Research Symposium and found it to be a valuable experience, let us know!  Click on the comment box below.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

An Honorable Homecoming

Congratulations to the ECU student body for choosing a very Honorable junior English major Sidney Lewis as this year’s Homecoming Queen!
Senior Communication and Performance Studies major Miranda McNabb and Sophomore Pre-Med major Tyler Whitney organized this year's Honorable Homecoming campaign;“Your Golden Ticket to an Honorable ECU Adventure.” That's Willie Miranda Wonka McNabb leading bright and motivated Honorable Oompa Loompas in the Homecoming parade."

Senior Microbiology major Darby Heard made the front page of the Ada News, working on an Honorable Chalk Art entry. Madison McNeil, a sophomore Biology major from Paden, Oklahoma and Trevor Berg, a sophomore Physics major from Yukon, represented the Honors Student Association as our King and Queen candidates, and we congratulate our Honorable President Talor Stewart, who was a finalist for King.

The featured alum at this year's Honors Homecoming, was Kelli Raefield Randell, who graduated from ECU’s Honors Program in 1992. That’s her in the black top at the right end of the third row. Kelli was a member of the fourth class of Honors Program graduates. While she was at ECU, Kelli represented the Honors Program at Honors conferences in Emporia, Kansas and Chicago, Illinois. For the last 18 years, Kelli has been a math educator in the Texas Metroplex, and she recently made a presentation at a National K-12 Conference in Washington, D.C. Kelli spoke to current Honors students and faculty about the experiences she had when she was in the Honors Program at ECU.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Honors Road Trip Part II: Shakespeare in the Park

After lunch, Honorables regrouped at the park to hang out and unwind.

Everyone has taken their seats. The show is about to start!