Saturday, October 5, 2013

2013 Honors Homecoming

On Saturday, October 5th, 31 Honors students gathered after the ECU Homecoming Parade to listen to featured Honors Alumnus Audrey Myers and newly elected Honors Alumni Board President Kristen Bishop speak about their experiences in Honors and their journeys and accomplishments since graduating from ECU's program.


  1. It was interesting to hear from previous Honors students and really it was comforting to know that they went through the same things we are now, and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It's nice to see that they have remained involved witht the Honors Association, and I'm sure it helped the older Honors Students in preparing for how much research they will be doing.
    Also, congratulations to Emily Davis for winning Homecoming Queen! She represented the Honors Association very well, and we were all proud tp have her as our candidate.
    -Alexa Engles

  2. I have always loved homecoming and the gathering of all those who love and have loved the place one now calls home (in this case ECU). Being in the parade and getting the opportunity to represent and showcase honors in that way is always a blast, even with the cold! Our guest speakers were absolutely amazing and I agree with Alexa in that it is really nice to hear that those who completed honors in the past had difficulties with it just as we do now. The advice that we heard that day about the future of honors and the tasks that are ahead of those who have just begun was good for all to hear. It definitely gave me hope that it is possible to be successful if you just put your mind to it.

  3. Homecoming was a blast this year! I really enjoyed being the community branch leader so I could have a part in all the events! The banner contest and the parade were by far the greatest! Not only were the events themselves amazing, it was also fun getting to hang out and spend time with other people in honors while we got stuff together and ready. I also enjoyed getting to listen to Audrey Myers talk about her experience in honors. Sometimes I forget that the program we have now isn't what it always has been. Her experience reminded me of that, and also made me appreciate how the program is operating now. She also gave good advice on future decisions and how we should go about our careers. I think she made it clear that we need to love what we are going to do, because that in itself will get you through the times when classes aren't so peachy!

    Chelsi Norris

  4. I thought it was really neat to hear from an Honors student who had graduated from the program and hear where she was now. It was good to hear how she had benefited from the program and how it helped her further her studies in grad school. I really enjoyed the casual feel we had. Even though it was a big group, it felt like a relaxed conversation with close friends. I also really enjoyed the paper we all filled out to make a time capsule. Whichever class opens that will have many laughs.

    Ashlyn Angel

  5. Homecoming was so exciting this year. The cold didn't hold anyone back from enjoying it. I'm so glad that we were able to congregate and discuss the honors program's history and future with alumni. I think it is wonderful that the alumni are wanting to be more involved with current students; it's always inspiring to have the support and encouragement of your predecessors in any endeavor but especially in a scholastic setting which requires such hard work and dedication. Hearing from two different alumni members was also great because we were able to get different perspectives and hear different paths which are available for each of us to take. Overall, the Honors Homecoming was inspiring, enjoyable, and educational.

    Emily Davis